Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Forward!!!!!!

Hello to EVERYONE!!!!

SPRING has SPRUNG!!! What a beautiful time!! Flowers are blooming, pollen is falling, plants are sprouting! Warm sun taking the sharpness of winter out of the air! What a great time of year to be alive! New growth, new babies, New attitude. How exciting!! Our plants are growing and sprouting with perfect green health and goodness!! We realized how much we have taken on. We are not just planting a garden, we basicly are going to be running a farm. Gray has been working so hard. Work all week then, all weekend planting and tending to the farm. He loves it and I am very impressed how dedicated he is to our new way of living, and taking care of our investment! We are so excited to share the yumminess with everyone who is interested. We are going to be selling veggies and fruit at markets as well as a mini CSA at my work, if we have enough left over!!

Sophie, is well, just absolutely, PERFECT!! We cannot beleive how cute, sweet ,smart and GORGEOUS she is!! Everyday she makes us he-haw laugh at something new and cute that she does. That child loves being outside more than ANYTHING! She screams at the door untill we take her out. She wants to pick flowers, play with the dogs and EXPLORE constantly!! We are so incrediably proud of her we just want to BURST! Everyday, EVERYDAY I thank the Lord for blessing us with this amazing sweet spirit! He trusted us to be her parents and love her unconditonally. He gave us this honor!!! I take this responsiblitiy and am AMAzed that I am blessed enough to be this special child's mother!! THE CHILD ALREADY SINGS!!! She can immitate anyone singing and sounds beautiful at 15 months!!! WE KNOW she is going to be a singer. I cannot say enough about her. I am so happy I cannot contain myself!!
We are the proudest parents ever. I cannot wait till she really understands how much we love her. Also until she understands the love of Christ and what he sacrfificed so she can live in this beautiful exsistence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My angel, my sweet lovely flower!!

We cannot wait to meet sweet baby G Jarvis!! Anyday now cat~bird!! Can't WAIT!!

My mom has been diagnosed with Breast cancer and is doing so GREAT! she starts Chemo in about 10 days. Its only a 4 month treatment. Thankful! She is going to get a sweet, slammin wig!! Hot gigi with cool hair and HUGE perky chi chi's!

I can honestly say I have never been so happy! Amazing GOD, husband, daughter, job, life family! Could it get any better??? OH YES! Summer is around the corner! The best summer EVER! This I know. All for now, I am sounding Sickly positive!

Love and hugs as hard as I can squeeze!!!

Adorable Soph pictures to come!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our sweet BABY?

This winter has been so much fun! Best winter of my life. Even though it has been frigid outside, we have ALL enjoyed it. We have been warm inside, full bellies, great friends and LOTS of laughs. The only drawback, Sophie has been sick SO MUCH!!!

We are watching Sophie grow up amazingly fast right before our eyes. She walks, well runs, around constantly!! Busy as a bee, and forming her sweet, fun, personality. As we always say, this is our "favorite" stage. She loves to eat everything! She even enjoys fruits and veggies the most (organic, non gmo)!! She had such a fun Christmas. She was spoil rotten by all of the presents she received. I cooked and cooked and cooked. We also got 10 inches of snow on Christmas day and were snowed in for 2 days!! Although we got stir crazy it was fun spending so much time together. As we know already, she is ridiculously smart. It is so cute to watch her thinking through things as she encounters them. Sophie loves learning and trying new things!! We look at her and are amazed by her beauty. She is sooooo beautiful and will become a stunning young girl and women. We are going to have to beat them off with a stick. Something we aren't looking forward to.

I had my first night away from her since she has been born. After 14 months Gray said it was time for me to take a "break". I went to the beach with 12 awesome other girls and had a absolute blast!! I laughed so hard my stomach got sore. I loved every second of it. I missed my baby girl and was so excited to come home to see her and Grays sweet face. I guess mama's need time to ourselves sometimes.

We have never been more excited to be alive and never been happier. This summer is going to be fantastic with Sophie walking, trips to the beach, the ocean, trips to the mountains, family time, GROWING 90 % of our own organic food!!! Busy, but euphoric I can only imagine. We cannot wait to see our plants grow and feel the warm sun on our skin. Sophie has already been "helping" us getting the land ready.

We had a little scare with our dog "kezzie". She got a uterine infection that caused her to get a systemic infection. This infection caused her to stop making her red blood cells. She was a very sick dog. Sophie, during that time, found her new best friend. Kezzie pulled through and Sophie and her have been "soul mates" ever since!! Sophies love pulled Kezzie through, this we KNOW!!!

8 more weeks until baby J is born and we are so excited! Go Catherine!

We are the most blessed humans in the world. Our house might not be big, but we have one. Our jobs might be hard, but we are able to work. Our clothes might not be new, but they keep us warm. Nothing to complain about. We remind ourselves of this everyday. Literally Everyday. Our bellies are full!! THANK YOU JESUS!!! We should all be on our knees thanking God for what we have. He is with us always.

Spread your love, hearts, and JOY!!! Let Love rule!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

She is a YEAR OLD!!!


Well here we are...a year later. I cannot believe it!! How has it been a year? I still am in awe.

Well our little one had an eventful birthday. Not exactly what he had planned but we made it special. The week of Sophie's birthday, she came down with a very high fever. 103 with Tylenol and Ibuprofen on board. She was so sick. We went to the Dr. They said her throat looked bad and had exudate on it. They did a rapid strep and a culture. They both returned negative. Three days later she was some better but still struggling. I had to go back to work. I felt terrible leaving. She cried so much when I walked out of the door. I asked My mom to take her back to the Dr and do another strep test. It came back positive this time. So she was put on antibiotics this time. Needless to say she wasn't up for having the party. I think Gray and I were more sad than she was. That's life though, right?

We had a few small parties with family, which she seemed to enjoy very much. Her actual birthday day was filled with sweets,, presents, and lots of love!!! Gray was so sad he had to work, but left specific instructions~ Spoil her rotten!! We spent the whole week doing just that!!!

Thanksgiving and continuing birthday celebration was spent in Myrtle Beach with my family. We had a great time. Sophie decided that she really loves cool whip, a favorite shared with her great grandmother Mary, also her namesake.

She is feeling so much better and Gray and I are so happy. We are finally catching up on some much needed rest. ;)

We are so happy that the Holidays are coming up. Excited to spend it together and with our family. We are sad Catherine, gray's sister cant come with her little girl to be.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Hugs to ALL!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall baby~ Upcoming holidays!

Wow!!! Where has October gone?? It seems like I was just saying that I was sad about summer's end and now Christmas!!

Sophie has been a MESS!! She has been so active!! Dancing~to everything, crawling, almost walking, and getting sick :(. In the past month she has been sick twice!! With teething in between...seems like she can't get a break! She has 6 teeth now. What a BEAUTY! The last "bug" she has had has been accompanied by HIGH bath fevers. Poor baby has hung in there like a champ. She is tough!! Just like her mama, who did not yell one time during labor (applause here).

It has been such a busy time for us all. The last few weeks I have been working nights!! I despise this, but sometimes we have to take one for the team. So Gray, being the AMAZING dad that he is, has done it all by himself, with help from GIGI during the day... so mama can sleep. Thank the Lord only 2 days a week!! YAY Benefits!

Poodles (what we are calling her this week), was a BEE for halloween. The cutest Bumble bee ever. SHe loved trick or treating and got so much candy. We let her have NONE of it!! Poor deprived.

On my soapbox now..Please watch what your children eat. Try organic...if nothing else, Dairy and meat. There are too many illnesses that I have seen in my profession that I truly feel are DIRECTLY related to food mass production. Digusting Tradgedies...THAT CAN BE PREVENTED!!!

We are excited about this cooler weather, christmas lights, family time and togetherness, yummy food, our baby NEICE, and the holidays. We could not be more blessed. No matter how tough it is. It could be worse~ I have seen it worse!!! Lets count all of our HUNDREDS of blessings! Welcome the Holidays and the upcoming months with arms and eyes wide open, hearts warm, and full of love. Thats the biggest gift of all!!! Gray, Soph, and I wish everyone a awesome begining of November!! Spread the LOVE!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Sophia!!!

Puppy~ aka "the bald sideshow"

afternoon walk with gigi, and puppy


All by myself!!
At the pumpkin patch!!!

Attempt at a birthday present!! Not so much!

I am the cutest!!

Watching the BMX stunt show!!

Mama and soph at the Mum Fest!

Our sweet baby girl is one busy Philly! Gray calls her the "mackerel". He says when he dresses her its is like trying to dress the King mackerel fish that he just reeled in on the boat! This usually makes us laugh, and takes away the frustration of it taking us 20 min to dress her as a team...sometimes 30 on our own. She had a cold this past week which was pitiful. Gray said that even the snot that runs out of her cute baby nose is perfect!! I would have to agree. We went to the Mum Fest in New Bern. She loved the BMX stunt show, all the different people, and the music!! She danced for about 2 hours. Even with her baby cold!
She loooves our new Kindermusik class. It's every week and gives her a chance to be with other babies and be cute, which seems to come very natural. We are a touch more exhausted at the end of the day, her crawling is getting faster and faster! As always, we think this is our favorite stage, just as every other stage has been! We feel so blessed everyday. We are able to provide for our baby, ourselves, and can't complain in the least!! All in all we are so in love with our baby, and each other!! Life is very very peaceful, loving, and we are excited about every new day!! LET LOVE RULE!!! No room for hate!!!
Stay tuned amigos!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The past week~ end of september

Bruise on my forehead from crawling! :(

I am a big crawling girl!!

I have already composed many musical masterpieces~

This week our little sweetie did so may things! We can barely keep up. She started crawling, said "mama" and started to "pull up". She is growing up so fast! I got a little tearful that my little "baby" is almost a toddler! Man, where has the time gone?? We are so excited for some cooler weather, lots of outside time, dressing up for halloween, fun upcoming festivals, and the Holidays! What an exciting time for all of us!! I love watching Sophie learn, it makes me appreciate new things all over again. We love you so much Princess SOPHIA, more than words can even describe. More than you can imagine!

Friday, September 17, 2010

She's trying!

Yoga time!

yummy cheesy!

After yogurt and some yummy waffles

She is trying so hard to crawl. She spends most of her day in the downward dog postion, thinking hard about it!! She looks so cute every morning waking up with her hair straight up in the air. We like to call her alfalfa when she looks like that..that is a word that amuses her anyway so it works.